I want to build something that makes people fall in love." - Cameron Howe, Halt and Catch Fire

I believe we can create any world we want.
I work on systems, products, and ideas that embody this spirit of progress and creativity.

Marissa Phul

Creative technologist based in Toronto.

I care about the infrastructure that runs the world. Both the networks that connect us digitally and the physical components that facilitate everyday life. I am guided by a desire to bridge the gaps between policy, innovation, and implementation in order to facilitate progress that meaningfully impacts the world.

For three years I worked as a software engineer at Twitch. Distributing video across a global baremetal and cloud system spanning video delivery on the edge, backbone and caching systems, and traffic control management. In a past life I was the news editor at my university newspaper. My recent writing is here.

Feel free to reach out.